Caldera Hotel at Imerovigli Santorini, 6 Caldera Cave Suites + Bar + Terrace


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Caldera Hotel at Imerovigli Santorini

4* boutique Hotel in Imerovigli in Amazing location. With 6 Luxury suites with balconies and view at the volcano.

With a remodel, the suites can be easily become 8.



The hotel which has been in operation since 1990 is build on a 465 m2 lot, on four levels and is made up of the following:

– A cave built into the lava that’s used as a bar, lounge and which can be easily converted into a dining area or a meeting room- 69.00 m2

– Reception area- 48.80 m2

– Office – 9.00 m2

– Kitchen – 20.20 m2

– Six Santorini traditional houses:

Two are 2-storey, (41.80 m2 and 35.50 m2), two single storey with a loft, (37.50 m2 and 36.50 m2), with two additional single storey built into the lava, (35.00 m2 and 33.05 m2).

– A small studio for the staff 16 m2

– Laundry area 12 m2

– Two storage areas 10 m2

The open air, commercially exploitable common areas (terraces, balconies, patio etc.) are approximately 200 m2.

The Hotel has two water storage cisterns that are connected.

The smaller of the two is situated at the highest point of the lot and supplies the complex by means of gravity.

One of the great advantages of the hotel is that there is parking space available right in front of the hotel’s main gate, and more space 50 meters to the left and 50 to the right.

The parking space available located outside, has capacity for 15 cars, and the parking spaces a bit further have capacity of over 100 cars.

Mini buses of up to 30 seats can access  from the road and always have parking space right outside the gate.

The bathrooms of all Hotel rooms were renovated and all windows and doors were replaced in 2009.

In addition all common areas were recently renovated.


Caldera Hotel Constructed in 1990

 It has 19 beds and  swimming pool

Each suite and studio is exclusively private, has its own different and unique style
with private balconies overlooking the volcano.

Swimming pool with a terrace offering magnificent views of the caldera.

Balcony to Sea View

Caldera Hotel has a restaurant area, county yard and amazing sea views.

Awarded as the “most romantic hotel”  in Greece

Since 2000, a large number of weddings have been organized as the hotel has  worldwide reputation for weddings.

It operates all year round.



With two million visitors arriving each year — or nearly 10 percent of the total number of tourist arrivals for the whole country — as well as frequent first-place rankings in surveys of favorite holiday destinations, the Greek island of Santorini has emerged as one of the top tourism destinations worldwide.

There are currently 75 airlines offering flights to Santorini, with their number rising and flights arriving from dozens of countries, reaching as many as 57 a day during the summer months. Visitors also arrive on cruise ships that dock at Santorini from March until almost Christmas, letting off as many as 25,000 people a day.

The island is very close to achieving the target of all-year tourism.  100 hotels remained open throughout the winter of 2015-2016 — representing one eighth of the island’s total accommodation capacity — in order to serve visitors in the winter months


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